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From liqueur to functional beverages

General Beverages is anchored on 85 years of diverse experience in the flavour ​and beverage industry.
​Our collaboration provides your brands with unique ideas for engaging and inspiring your fans, emotionally,
visually and effectively.​

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Taste means different things to different people

As the beverage world intensifies its diversity and range to suit the increasingly demanding consumer with change and product innovation. 

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General Beverages provides the platform for start-up and aspiring brands to create and develop surprising concepts,
​to realize and take their ideas into the wider world.

Our Services

From concept to delivery, each solution is uniquely handcrafted
No market is alike. No manufacturing process ​is alike

Inclusive (Beverage) Solution

From concept to delivery, each solution is uniquely handcrafted

We jointly explore concepts from idea, adopting novel ingredients to resetting “status quo”. Our approach is agile development, with pragmatism to ensure potential is fulfilled.

Flavour development

No market is alike.
​No manufacturing process ​is alike

Grounded by our knowledge and experience in flavours, your direct input, such as the target market, process, brand and product application, complete the core of our starting development. By enveloping product application into the design process, this allows us to better understand the flavour interaction as it is applied.​

Customer Partnership ​is a
​Shared Journey​​

Customer partnership is a shared journey image with description of different potential customers, Generalbev.eu

4 Step Plan

Development Process explained in image, Idea, Concept Development, Recipe Development, Your Beverage, Generalbev.eu

Development Process

To realize the stories of tomorrow, our team is dedicated to be the most innovative engineer and developer of beverage application. The technical expertise serves alongside the inspirational innovators to drive our passion to reset the “status-quo” and to develop exciting new ideas meet their fullest potential.

Each concept is unique, and the design process is created for the specific concept and taste. Our approach is simple, straightforward, tailored and long term.​ ​​

Our assistance is centred with flavour development. Developing the best tasting beverage is a complex process that requires a highly skilled and motivated team. This allows you to focus on the branding and presentation – branding has to be done with heart and your target market has to connect with it.

  • Visual Ideation
  • Brand Identity
  • DNA/ Backstory Development
  • ​Label/ Bottle Design

Before starting to develop your recipe you have to know to whom you will be selling your product? Who is your target consumer? What is your target market? What's your brand personality? What's your positioning strategy? These are tough questions to answer if you are doing this for the first time. 

What's your product?​How does it differentiate from competitors?​What's the competitive advantage? Do you have it?​What value does it give?​Is there a need for your product? Who? When and why?​Do you have a merchandizing strategy?​ Do you have a market entrance strategy?​What are your main sales channels? What's your sales strategy?
​Are you planning to use distributors services?​

Here we take the basic idea for your drink and develop it into a full, market-ready concept. 

​During this process, we:​​​

Identify your key needs and requirements for the beverage;
Project figures for pricing targets, production quantities and terms
Develop a range of potential concepts for your drink, based on brainstorming sessions with our experts;
Work together with you to identify and develop the best concept for your drink

Flavour Development/ refinement

​Once the concept has been confirmed, we get to work on developing the recipe and
​producing a prototype of your drink concept.
​During this process, we:

Perform a price analysis, source ingredients, identify cost reduction opportunities,
​carry out product analysisDevelop an initial prototype, perform laboratory stability testing, reformulate as necessary, optimize formula and deliver samples for testing and review;
​Produce a final, realistic product offer with end price of product ingredients and compound cost.

Preparation of labelling and nutritional information

​Product Application

 —– Liquid —–

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Non Carbonated

Juice & Juice Drinks
Sports & Nutrition

Tea & Coffee
Milk & Dairy Based
Soy Based

Barley Based
Rice based
Maize based
Malt based

Liquid Enhancer
​Syrup/ Cordial


Juice & Juice Drinks
Tea & Coffee

Health & Beauty

Alcoholic Beverages



 —– Powder —–

Sports & Nutrition

Beverages with different flavors and fruits on a grass, Generalbev.eu
Beverages with different flavors and fruits on a grass, Generalbev.eu


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